Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jan. 2016 - Should you feel moved to help

Thank you so very much to those who helped out with expenses I got most the wardrobe and other things needed for my almost 1 1/2 year long stay in Japan.  Although I had a full-time job over the holidays working at NPS, it was not enough to cover the expenses, so everything I received was greatly appreciated and made it possible for me to leave home with the basics!!

I will continue to have monthly expenses while I am out, plus I still need to get a bike and Ipad, and some heavy duty rain gear when I arrive in Japan -- yes they have major rain there.   Should you feel moved to continue to help in any amount, feel free to use the donate button on my blog (which utilizes the PayPal method, which accepts major credit or debit cards).  Should you wish to use some other form of payment (thru an LDS account, check, or other credit/debit method), please email:, and in the subject line please type "Donate" and you will get an email with instructions.

Thank you!!

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