Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4th week in Japan -- 1st area. Tripping along by rail, and teaching new people

Part of the purpose of my blog is about my mission, of course, but being an American in Japan is pretty exciting.   So I like to share the experience of what Japan is like, as through my eyes.

We traveled by rail to Tokyo to go to the LDS temple.

Roof edging Japanese sky

Houses by the train rails

Trip in Fast Motion.  It is less than a minute, but it might loop on you and start again, and seem longer than a minute.  Try not to get dizzy.

Okay, moving right along, I liked the picture of the huge stretched-out limousine that I got in the email.  I sent that one to Sister Riggs too.  She said that it would be super funny if we showed this picture to Japanese people and told them that it was our car.  Hahahah lol!!   Because everything here is much smaller than America, cars too.  It's really funny (and adorable) when Japanese people are surprised and express it.  They go like, "EeeeeEEEEHHHH!!!" And then if we showed that picture and said, "This is my car." They would freak out. Ahaha!   Then we would tell them, "Just kidding." We would just show it to members probably (people that we are friendly with and we know would appreciate the joke).   The church members here are really nice.

So, I have previously commented in other posts about the food here and how I am enjoying it.  Another thing that I like, is the clothing.  It's easier to find modest, nice-looking clothing  here in Japan.  Modesty is what you put on your body but it is about your spirit being modest too, for the right reasons.   As a missionary, it is extra-important to be modest, because immodesty sends the wrong message and can bring about unwanted actions from others.  A person can still be modest and beautiful (or handsome if a young man) at the same time.   

As for missionary work this week,  We found a few new potential investigators--  Two moms that a member brought to kids' English class that we are teaching. We taught them a lesson about the church and what missionaries' purpose are.  And then on Thursday, we decided to go to this free Japanese class with the Elders in our missionary district.  There was a Filipino young woman there. After class, I commented on her cute clothes and we got into a conversation.  We talked about why we were in Japan and that we are missionaries.  She said, "Oh cool!  Can I come and join your church?"  She's golden!  She's Catholic but doesn't like the Catholic people here [I don't know why].  She went to a Jehovah's Witness church here too, but didn't like that either.  We are going to have lunch with her and talk with her about the church.  She's married to a Japanese man and ended up moving here. She's kind of lonely being a foreigner, so it's a great opportunity to become friends and teach her the gospel!

There are so many miracles everyday!!

Love, Parker Shimai

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