Wednesday, August 10, 2016

19th Week in Japan; 2nd area. 祭り時間 (Festival time); new companion from the MTC

[I'm waiting on permission to post the new companion's name or picture]

祭り時間 [Festival time] !!! YAY!!!

Hello everyone!!

This week, my companion Sister Lacey went home and I got my green bean, my little companion amigo, trainee, bean-chan, or to be interpreted, Sister M______!!

Sister M_______ is a great missionary!  She just got here, but her Japanese is very good for a first transfer! She studies hard and is very knowledgable.  She just wants to teach people and find people and is so motivated. She's not too afraid of talking to people.  I almost feel like I'm the one being trained. It's very humbling. I can see the Lord is trying to pick out all the leftover impatience and selfishness that I have in me. The littlest things are the hardest, but I'm excited for how much will change this transfer!

We got a new investigator through a less-active this week. There was a less-active who was on our Areabook map but not our Areabook records.  We visited her and wanted to do a little self introductions and we really got to know her! She hasn't been to church in awhile.  She called her daughter over, who is 16, and we started talking.  She explained to her daughter that we were sister missionaries and she got excited.  She has interest in the church, but doesn't know anything about it really.  We became friends!  And we gave her a Book of Mormon and testified of the joy we get when we read it.

She's coming to English conversation class this week and we got a return appointment. We are so excited to help her mom come back to church and help her daughter learn of the Savior and his amazing and everlasting love and atonement!!!!

Our other investigator, S_______-san, did have a baptismal date, but she can't come to church in Mito because of bad childhood memories there. We are going to meet and teach with her this Wednesday about going to church in the Sendai mission, which is actually a little bit closer to her than Mito.

And E____, our awesome kinjin Chinese investigator went back to China. We have been trying to skype her because she really wants to continue to learn about God and Jesus Christ, but we haven't been able to reach her for some reason. 

However, this week we've been talking to a lot of people and really trying to get to know people and becoming friends and inviting them to take our lessons or come to Eikaiwa. This week is going to be busy, I hope!!

This next week, we are trying to be obedient for the right reasons.  We are being obedient to reap souls, to help people know that there is a way back to a loving Heavenly Father and that's through the Savior and his eternal sacrifice. In Luke 22, when the Savior had already suffered in Gethsemane, arrested, and denied by his best friend.  He was taken to the council --   "67 Art thou the Christ? tell us. And he said unto them, If I tell 
you, ye will not believe:"

It can be hard to believe in things we cannot see. But we can know through the Holy Ghost and its promptings, feelings, and small directions that Jesus Christ lives and has saved all who believe in Him and follow Him.   In 2 Nephi 32: 3, it says that you can be taught what to do in everything:   "Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do."   Feasting means that you should learn a lot of the words of Christ until your soul is full, just like the body is after a holiday meal--partake until your soul isn't hungry, but has been satisfied.

That's all for now!! Until the next adventure!!


Sister Parker

p.s. Here are some videos of the festival fireworks.  
Fireworks are the best in Japan!! 花火 (hanabi)

Video 1  (1 MB)  (about 11 seconds long)

Video 2  (1.3 MB)  (about 15 seconds long)

Video 3 (16 MB) (about 3 minutes long -- this one is the most spectacular of the 3 videos and in real life to watch it must've been very beautiful.  The sponsor spent a lot of money).

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