Monday, November 28, 2016

35th Week in Japan. 2nd Area. Advent(ures).

This transfer has gone by fast. One week left until transfer calls!

I find peace when talking to people on the street and teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since applying what I've learned from zone conference a couple weeks ago, like bike safety (yes) and the "A Successful Missionary" bullet points in PMG (Preach My Gospel manual). I've been feeling the approval of the Holy Spirit as I've been trying to improve. I feel I've become a more diligent and loyal missionary!

Some miracles of this week:
There was one lady we talked to on the train while on our way to Kodomo eikaiwa [English class for children]. She had this adorable baby and as we talked to her and her baby. She opened up to us quickly. She's Chinese and has been looking for a church to go to!  She recognized us as missionaries as soon as she saw our name tag! She wants to come to Kodomo Eikaiwa as well. When we got off the train, we exchanged numbers and said we can call her. It was awesome!! Almost every time we go to Tokai, we find an awesome investigator or P.I. Kiseki (miracle) Tokai.

I am so happy about this! We were able to meet one of the less-active youth on Saturday.  We've been trying to contact her for about one transfer. We went to her house and gave her little brother, who turned 8 (baptism age!!, he said he may get baptized!), a present for his birthday and sang to him. We talked to both of them and shared a
message about Christmas. Sister Shoji quickly became friends with her.  We are going to help her with her homework on December 5th and another time cook dinner together! We hope to be able to meet her every week

Last miracle. Today at church, one of the members brought a girl named R****** from China who has home stayed with her for a year and today was the first time she came to church today. I don't know why we didn't know this earlier, but it was great! We did a douseki [presentation, lesson]  during Sunday school with her and another member who speaks Chinese. She did not become a new investigator but we taught about Who God is and
missionary's purpose. Sister Shoji was amazing! I'm so glad to have her as a companion. She's really helping me with Japanese too. I feel 日本人ぽい. Like a Japanese person.

Many adventures were had, but this is it for now. :)

Sister Parker

Only 28 more days until Christmas 🎄

Sent from the white fields of Japan 🍲🌅

(pictures from internet)

We are all on our own Advent-- adventure, seeking the wisdom and the light of Christ, while we wait for Him to come again.

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