Monday, December 19, 2016

38th Week in Japan; 3rd Area. Sharing in the Joy of Christ.

Hello Family and Friends,

Mosiah 3: 3 「…Awake, and hear the words which I shall tell thee; for behold, I am come to declare unto you the glad tidings of great joy.」

One more week until Christmas!!  :D it feels like Christmas!!  Although weather-wise, today it feels like spring. Yesterday, it felt like Christmas. It gets cold and warm randomly.  This week, we had the Ward Christmas party! Many members brought friends and we were able to sing together, eat together, and learn about Jesus Christ together. We put together a "open house" where people walked through different rooms, seeing displays and speaking with others -- focusing on who God is, Jesus Christ, our beliefs, and the Book of Mormon.

Sister Parker with another missionary and a lady at the church building

One of the displays at the church


Love, Sister Parker

 6 more days until Christmas!! 🙏🏻🎆🍜🎄

p.s.  K-mom here:  probably no blog next week

Monday, December 12, 2016

37th Week; Hello Kasukabe. Wrap up Mito Experience.

Hello people of the world!

This week we had transfers, so I left my home of natto [fermented soybean dish] and sweet potato (Mito) [which Mito is famous for] the land of Kasukabe.  Most of the ward has members who are return missionaries. This ward and the bishop has a lot of dendou fire [sharing the gospel with enthusiasm]!  We visited the bishop yesterday and talked about how we can help the ward and who to visit and we got a list.  I'm excited to work in this area and I believe we are going to see lots of miracles.

Before I came to Kasukabe, in Mito, we had a lesson with our wonderful progressing investigator. In the first few minutes of our meeting, I could see in her countenance the light of Christ more than usual.  We prayed and started the lesson and she showed us the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet which she had read and marked up.  I was amazed!  She has been applying the principles of the gospel and continually studying the Book of Mormon.  From that, her desire to follow Jesus Christ has grown.

 It's amazing to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes people and continually does so.  As we continually live according to the principles and ordinances of the gospel we can continually have joy and the fruits of the Spirit.  From our trials and mistakes and our successes we learn and grow, becoming who God wants us to be.  I have learned that when we trust in God, we have peace in our homes, our families, and hearts.  God's Spirit is a constant companion and guides us daily to do good as we put our trust in it.  As I have done so, especially when it's hard, I feel happy! Everyday as missionary, I feel joy.

One of my favorite scriptures is in Helaman 5
Verse 12. And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

Until next week!!
Please spread the message of joy this Christmas! :) there is a Saviour who has come to this world for everyone so that we might have joy now and forever

Sister Parker

13 more days until Christmas!!   


Video of Ducks

Here's my planner

Goodbye to Mito:  Last dinner out with missionaries and friends

{ K-Mom says, What is that?! }

Monday, December 5, 2016

36th Week in Japan. Last week in Mito.


The weather has been up and down. It snowed one day in November, but it's very rare to snow in Mito. And if it does, it's not until January. Today  and yesterday was rather warm, like spring.

We got a new investigator this week. Her name is G*****.  She's awesome. She's a grandma and we met her three weeks ago on the train, but never got her contact info and then one night while biking home, I saw a lady walking in the corner of my eye and felt we needed to stop her and it was her.  She thought it was a miracle.  We visited her shop in Hitachitaga (it's far) and we caught her at the perfect time.  We taught about the restoration of the fulness of the gospel and the Book of Mormon.  I felt the spirit working through me as I testified of the truthfulness of the gospel.  I'm very glad for Sister Shoji and her teaching skills and Japanese.  We were happy after leaving her shop, with a Book of Mormon and a commitment.

Something that I learned recently, and I don't know if this will help you personally, but prayers have to be followed with faith and effort (faith in action).  Our other two new investigators:  One is T***  and not really interested right now and the other is suddenly busy all the time and pregnant so we are waiting. :)

Like in D&C 9:7-9, We ponder in our hearts the questions we have and then we ask God if it be right, if the answer is right then we will feel it in our hearts with a burning.

D&C 9:
Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me.
 But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.
 But if it be not right you shall have no such feelings, but you shall have a stupor of thought that shall cause you to forget the thing which is wrong; therefore, you cannot write that which is sacred save it be given you from me.  
 Here are some pictures of the season -- Enjoy!   😊   Sister Parker


Christmas tree at the chapel

#LIGHTtheWORLD Initiative  -- emphasize service this Christmas season

Download a free Advent calendar filled with service ideas for this Christmas season:

Scroll down about half way down the church's web page for the "Download" button
Having some fun

FYI:  "Divide by Love" is the Tokyo Mission's motto under the Nagano leadership.  Divide means to give portions of love to many.

The Mission Logo

The Meaning Behind the Logo

The Mission Logo includes elements of the mission theme that President and Sister Nagano have for the Japan Tokyo Mission. The two O's of the Logo are connected and also look like two fish. The fish represent Jesus Christ dividing the two fish to feed the 5,000, and the connection of the O's represent infinity, or eternal life for ourselves and our beloved friends.

"Divide by Love," the theme chosen by President and Sister Nagano for the Japan Tokyo Mission, has a number of meanings. As missionaries and Disciples of Jesus Christ, we divide the blessings we have received out of love. When we divide our blessings, instead of our portion decreasing, our blessings actually increase, just like when Christ divided the two fish and five loaves.

In tennis, love stands for zero. One cannot understand infinity without understanding zero. In an equation, we can take any number and divide it by zero. The answer will always be infinity. As we serve the Lord with no guile, working no deception, no selfishness, and withholding nothing (giving it our all), He will take what little we can give and multiply it.

"Divide by Love" also helps us avoid comparison. We, as humans, are given different talents, strengths and weaknesses from the Lord. He knows what is best for us and what we need for our growth. We may feel that our contribution is small, but when divided by zero it will become infinity. As long as the denominator is zero, the value of the numerator is not relevant.

Sent from the white fields of Japan 🍲🌅