Wednesday, January 11, 2017

41st Week in Japan; 3rd area. Being a friend to those in need.

1/8/2017 Monday

This week, we didn't really do much.  I got sick one day and then..  We only went outside when we had appointments.  Anyway, we really haven't done much, but because our mission Ward leader set up meal appointments for us around New Years (because missionary work is hard to do around that time) we were able to go out more.   I will be doing missionary work "splits" (teaming up with other missionaries) next week.

I've learned this transfer, how to comfort people and lift others burdens, to be a good friend to someone in need, companion.  Being a true friend to another person is important.  When missionary companions don't get along for whatever reason, the work of the Lord stumbles.  It's that way in our closest relationships-- life stumbles when we don't get along with the people under our roof. Conversely, we can uplift others greatly when we show true friendship and concern.   She said that she is so grateful that we are companions.  She feels really comfortable with me and she has been showing appreciation for me.  I have always asked how I can help her and we have been laughing more. :) 

So, this actually happened last P-day.  We had lots of miracles happen after the Skype session at Christmas and one of them was some people I recently met:  It was in the middle of the busy train station and then all of a sudden I heard, "Shimai!" Which means "Sisters!"  And I saw this father and mother with their child.  I called out to my companion ahead to come back so we could speak with them.  Because they are Japanese, I spoke Japanese and was surprised to find out that they are members of the Church!  They started speaking English, and it was very fluent, and I was pleasantly surprised!  Many Japanese speak English, but theirs was perfect.  They are actually from America, but are visiting family for the holidays in Japan. We were all like, "Wow, it's God's will that we met!"

I felt like I needed to ask where in America they were from and they said Boston.
I told them, "Oh, I have family that lives there!"  I told them it was my aunt (named so and so).
The mother gasped and said, "I know her!!" They were in the same Singles' Ward [church congregation] and she said they still see each other every once in a while.  [Aunt so and so got the message after this letter; perhaps she needed the cheery hello from an old friend.]

Here are some videos and pictures from recent things:

My companion's thank you note to me.

This is Elder Niita from our district. We were playing white elephant
present exchange game thing.  The elders are crazy but funny in this Zone.

White Elephant [Christmas party with the missionaries].

A video of the grocery store.  My parents are interested in what the diet is like here, what the stores are like, etc.

Another food picture

 [Good night] and "I love you" video to the family from Kirsten

Sent from the white fields of Japan 🍲🌅

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