Sunday, March 12, 2017

47th Week in Japan; 3rd area. Remembering, teaching, volunteering.


Time was just kind of everywhere today, we went bowling with an investigator and the Zone missionaries, and then rain came, and then a couple members called-- one of them is so sweet, bless her heart, but that took a little bit a time.  Elder Holland came to Japan and he spoke to the Stakes [multiple congregations] of the Tokyo mission. That was so cool! And here's something I wrote kind of recently:

There is something I've been pondering about lately and that is remembering. At the missionary zone meeting we had discussions about obedience and repentance and how they are closely tied together. I am such a forgetful little もの [thing], but all humans are forgetful, if we remembered everything we did and felt and saw then we would remember the consequence of sin and not repeatedly sin. But then that would be against God's plan. It often and repeatedly says in the Book of Mormon to remember, remember how merciful God has been to our fathers. But also as we remember the moments that we have and the spiritual experiences and understanding we are getting, it keeps us having hope and joy in life. One way we can always remember Jesus Christ is remembering those experiences, especially the good ones!!, because he is central to everything and he is there with us in every step we take.

The week before this week at Zone blitz, we went to a library and asked to volunteer and we exchanged contact info. The lady we spoke with said they were interested in us reading English books to children. She asked if we could volunteer over many libraries in Saitama or just the one in Iwatsuki that we were at. We told her there are missionaries all over so they could probably help volunteer too! That was miracle!
She gave us a call a couple days ago and we set up a time to meet and talk about it more! Next transfer will be on March 15th. We are hoping that we can get mission school more sponsored by this or just give them fliers to keep!   [K-mom:  I don't know exactly what "mission school" is-- a new term to me!]

Some of the greatest miracles this week was first, when we were visiting members, there was this one less-active we were trying to meet but she seemed to be busy at the time so we were going to come back in ten minutes or so. So we pray, and go housing [looking for potential people to teach in their residential areas]  at a complex across the street. On the fourth floor (but not last door), there was a lady who answered. We introduced ourselves and she said she's sorry that she believes in Buddhism and regularly practices it, but she has always had an interest in the cross. This was pretty cool, we talked a bit about Jesus Christ and his church being restored and I felt power come through me. She was so interested in what we were saying and I could see it in her eyes. So I asked her if she would meet us next week to learn more with a time and she said no. But! I felt the Spirit testify through me. She actually is a clothing repairer so she happens to start work and will be busy all week. She does have our phone number though and we are going to try to visit again sometime.

Half-day exchanges we so fun! We went visiting less-actives with a member and one member we finally were able to talk to! We shared the area Stake [multi-congregation] plan and gave her the little brochure. It was really effective sharing this with her. She usually doesn't come to church because her body is not healthy, but when we testified and talked about the 'JOY' triangle and the loving, strengthening, increasing part we felt the Spirit [K-mom: "JOY Triangle" I assume is a teaching technique which she hasn't explained to me before]. It was simple and I felt like it was really good for her especially as a less-active [less involved/attending] member. We were able to help her feel the spirit and we were able to help her want to grow closer to God. I know that the area plan will help people find joy!! Especially as we are sharing with others our experiences as we focus on Jesus and others and then ourselves.

At the global family and friends community last night, we talked to a few people and this one lady comes right up to us and says she's looking to give a job for another English teacher. Of course we can't because we are volunteers, but she was very interested in us and church and mission school.  Everything! We gave her a chirashi [flyer] and pamphlet and said she really wants to come to church and read the pamphlet.  She also wants to come to our Toeic class (a type of English skills class) on Saturdays. She's free on the weekends. She has such a strong desire to learn so we expect to see her soon! Unfortunately, we were not able to get her phone number, but if she is ready, she has the church address and phone number so she can contact us.

I really feel the love of Jesus Christ growing in me for the people of Kasukabe. When sitting in the congregation at church, I think the Spirit told me who needs strengthening. I could see in some of the children who need more help or strength from the gospel and I think that's a blessing God has given to me to perform my calling. 

Cultural Note in response to K-Mom's question about Matcha:  Japanese Matcha is だめ [not good] for the body。In replacement of tea, the LDS members usually drink herbal tea like robust tea or mugicha (barley tea).

Bowling with the investigator and the missionaries

Love love ❤️ Love, Sister Parker

Sent from the white fields of Japan

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