Tuesday, April 11, 2017

54th week in Japan. 3rd Area. Transfer calls, Easter videos.


Hello Everyone!

I'm transferring to Urawa and I will become this zone's Sister Training Leader!!  I hope I can learn a lot!!  I know I will actually.  I really want to give my trust to the Lord and help bring his sheep into his fold.

There are two investigators that I know will get baptized in Kasukabe and President Nagano said I can return here for the baptism because I'll be close by.

Now, if I didn't get a baptism in my mission, it wouldn't matter.  As long as I'm giving everything to the Lord and giving my heart, mind, strength, and might to the Lord.  He is very important to me and I know he loves his children, I know he loves me and he loves you so much.  He knows your needs.  I prayed about this and I want to give as much time to the Lord as I can.  I really really love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and I know that blessings will be in store the more I give to the Lord.  And I know that after my mission I can continue to help people.  And I do want to help my family.  I know that it may seem like I'm not giving much attention to my family, but I'm doing the best I can when I'm writing on Mondays.   I definitely want to put priority on family when I return home, and I believe the Lord will bless my family. 

And here's a video that I watched recently that I really liked. Easter Mormon messages has a new serious

Principles of Peace: Faith #PrinceofPeace  Click here: Easter 2017 video

Many people, if they were given only 15 months to live, would sink into despair. But through her faith in Jesus Christ, Kristin found the strength to carry on. Learn how her faith helped her to trust in God’s plan for her family.    Click here: video from Mormon.org about Kristin

I really look forward to seeing you in a few transfers :)  I have many experiences to share with you, [The recent] General Conference was amazing too.  Each talk was an answer to my prayers.  It strengthened my faith.  And I know that no matter what happens in this time period, I know that when we put our trust in the Lord we will never fail and He blesses, loves, uplifts, and refines us into something more beautiful a human mind could ever imagine.


Sister Parker

Sent from the white fields of Japan 🍲🌅

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