Tuesday, May 16, 2017

58th-59th Weeks in Japan; 4th Area. Baptism :-)

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Inspirational thought:

My companion Sister Haroldsen says a lot of inspiring things and I remember one in particular. But there are mainly three different ways a person is motivated to do things. There is one, by fear, which is the lowest form of motivation because it only lasts so long. Then, out of duty, which is higher than fear but only lasts so long.  But then there's the third motivation and that's love. When we are motivated out of love to do things, it lasts much longer and the motivation level is much higher.  Love is also eternal.   When we do things out of love, it is the best.

People and the occasion were not identified in the email


This past week, a person I taught in Kasukabe got baptized, and I got to attend!  M******. She's great!

                        Sister Burke (in Kasukabe), Baptismal gal (M*****), and Sister Parker

I also have two more investigators here in Urawa who have baptismal dates in the queue:  R**** (a boy in a "part member" family originally from the Philippines) is getting baptized at the end of May, and (female) H***** is getting baptized the first week of June!  At least for her, that's the goal that has been set unless the date needs to be changed. 

We had some p-day recreation today and I got out of my comfort zone and played Dodgeball with the scary elders (they throw the ball hard) but I won a lot, HAHAHA!! 

Here are some pictures of zone p-day:

                                                                     After Zone P-Day fun

                                                   Eikawa class (English conversation)

Season for beautiful flowers 

Have a great week!! 

Sister Parker

Sent from the white fields of Japan

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