Tuesday, June 13, 2017

63rd Week in Japan; 4th Area. Loving the gospel seed planting.


In Tokyo this past week (p-day included a Temple trip and a brief stop at the Tower)...

With Sister Haroldsen

The Tokyo Tower

Up in the observation area... It's a long way down!

The Mystery Ball.  Nobody knows exactly how it ended up in the antenna tower.

Tokyo Skyline

This week was awesome!!  I love missionary work!!  I love working with the Lord. 
I had this one experience, where it had been a few days, and I felt that I was being more obedient, living at a higher spiritual walk, and was talking to many people hoping that they would receive Jesus Christ's message, it was the end of the day, I think Friday and we were switching trains and I said a prayer as we were going up escalators that we could talk to someone on the train and have faith and find someone who would be interested in learning. When I ended my prayer, I felt that we should get on the car in front of us and through a specific door and sit down next to this lady reading a book.  I tried talking to her and introducing and asking about her book and her job and she didn't seem too interested, but I felt prompted to keep going, and once we talked about ourselves and that we are from America, she opened up more and she thought it was good that we were church volunteers. We couldn't talk long though because we had to get off the train, but we gave her a chirashi [flyer] and offered to teach her English.  After that I felt edified.  I think we both were, and even though she was not a new investigator, we talked to someone.   We were able to help someone at least a little bit, for the next time she meets missionaries.

Sister Kirsten Parker


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