Monday, July 17, 2017

67th Week in Japan. 4th Area. Speaking things when moved by the Holy Spirit

10 July 2017

I have a new companion, Sister Call and she is awesome!!  We are eating super healthy together!! It's great! I feel more focused on the Lord's work, and she's awesome with connecting to people and I'm learning so much from her. :)   We connect so much and dendou [missionary work] is so fuunn!   It makes sharing the gospel more natural and we tend to find more potential investigators (P.I.s) I think. :)  Being a Sister Trainer leader is still fun, it's hard leading the area, but I'm depending on the Lord and giving my burdens to him and He is making me stronger. I'm very grateful.

Church was greaaaat!!   We had three investigators in Koshigaya and then the Elder missionaries had more and so many other new people.  The ward [congregation] is on fire there.   And we are starting to get more fire in the Urawa Ward [congregation].  Member missionary work!! 

We met a woman a few weeks ago on the train who plays tennis.  She is from Indonesia and we are going to play together.  She is muslim(?) and so she believes in Jesus Christ but only as a prophet, and she seems to have some potential, so we are going to see what comes of it. :) 

I had a dream before getting my mission assignment that I was going to the Philippines to serve or be with Filipino people.  Well, there are many Filipino people in Japan.  Sister H____ is Filipino and she and her son are great!  Their testimonies are strong!  Yesterday we had a lesson on the train.  She was telling me about some of her struggles in a particular area of her life, and I was able to help her.  The Holy Spirit guided me what to say and what questions to ask.  There were scriptures I was comparing in the New Testament, that the Spirit brought to my remembrance.  Through reading them together, she had the courage to do what the Lord wants her to do.  It was Matthew 16:24-29 in JST section.

It says something like, "Whosoever shall seek to save his life in this world shall lose it in the world to come, but whosoever shall lose his life in this world for my sake (Jesus's name) shall find it in the world to come."  🌌 🌎 ☀️

Sister Kirsten Parker


Enjoy the pictures :)

This is me, with Sister Haroldsen (from last week) with N_______ who is starting to study the Book of Mormon

The young woman in the red is another investigator we have been working with for a few weeks, H_____.

Dinner at the M_______'s house.

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